Hollywood News was created to inform about the latest news going on in the celebrity world. If there is anything on this blog site that is yours and has not been credited please let me know in either a message or in the contact page and it will be fixed imediately. This site will be improved as time goes on but in the meantime while we stick to this layout please let me know about anything that you would like to be different.



Do you have to have a login to comment?

The answer is NO. To comment on posts just simply put in your name and your comment and you're all set.



Do you have to pay to subscribe?

Again, the answer is no. This website was created simply for you guys and you shouldn't have to pay, so you will be charged for absolutely nothing on this site.



How do you see other posts?

I have just recently added a button on the side bar under the chatbox called 'Older Posts' you can just click that and it'll take you to the sitemap with every single post on there. OR you can go to 'SITEMAP' at the very bottom of the page.


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