Spencer And Heidi TV Wedding

Remember way back when, a few days ago when i mentioned that Speidi was going to have a fake wedding for the show? well, they are, but it's not fake, check this out.



The Hills' Spencer Pratt acknowledges his Cabo San Lucas marriage to Heidi Montag was a total sham - but only because he was uninformed about the legalities.

“I didn’t even know you have to legalize a wedding,” claims Spencer, who tied the knot with Heidi, 22, in a nonbinding ceremony on November 19 in Mexico.

“I thought growing up, you say ‘I do’ and you’re married.”

Wonder if he envisioned camera crews and six-figure photo deals growing up. In any event, Heidi Montag agreed with his assessment, according to In Touch Weekly.

“We had our elopement, and to me, that counts,” the plastic princess said at Christian Audigier nightclub in Las Vegas on December 31, but she added that they are now planning to make it official - and will spare no expense.

“We’re going to have a bigger wedding for friends and family,” she said, and “We’ll definitely have it on TV because of the fans and haters,” interjected Spencer.

We'll be watching, we admit it. In the meantime, if you have the stomach for it, check out the Spencer and Heidi's wedding album from Cabo in November!

[Thanks to Hollywood Gossip]

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