Nick's New Blog Dec. 12, 2008

Nick Jonas added a blog to his simple wins on Dec. 12th here it is.


Posted Dec 12, 2008

December is a wonderful time in the Jonas Family. I personally love the holidays. Every year my dad takes out the big box of ornaments and makes the family talk about the tradition behind each one.

This will be Elvis' first Christmas with me. It is going to be hilarious to watch him on Christmas morning. I wonder if the presents under the tree will survive until then.

Watching what you eat is probably even more important with all the Holiday Parties and Festivities happening this month. I use my CONTOUR® meter, and its meal markers to help me daily but especially during the holidays. Those meal markers help me know where I stand and stay in control, so I don't have to slow down when it comes to eating Mom's Christmas Dinner.

As 2008 comes to a close I reflect on all the blessings I have received and give many thanks for having such an amazing year. I wish nothing but health and happiness to all of you throughout this Holiday Season and the New Year.

Happy Holidays!!


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