Vote for Kevin or Joe Jonas as Talented Young Person Of The Month, why Nick isn't on there I have no idea. Read below. Title picture is from the Jonas Brothers new music video for Lovebug. 5 more days! who's excited?



The Talented Young Person of the month award has been set up by the Talented Young People organization to recognize young people who are excelling with their talent.

The awards aren't just about the amount of money they are earning or the notoriety someone has the judging is done on an individual basis and is based on criteria such as improvement, level, impact and dedication. As well as recognizing household names we want to also recognize talented young people who don't get the amount of attention that famous young people do.

The top 5 to select from for the September Award are:
Keisha Buchanan - From British Pop group The Sugababes                  

Kevin Jonas - From the American Pop Group The Jonas Brothers
Emma Roberts - Star of the new hit film called "Wild Child"
Joe Jonas - From the American Pop Group The Jonas Brothers
Cassie Patten - Member of Team GB and Olympic Medal Winner

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